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If you are wondering what a particular term means, you can find it here. Please also refer to these definitions to define the capitalized and bolded terms in our Universal Terms and Conditions and any other agreement between you and ISRD Systems, LLC d/b/a Buy It Installed, Inc. ("Us") that are not already defined. If you have any questions regarding these definitions or our services, please email us at


Administrative Fee: The amount charged for administrative work by the Retailer or other People Group who sells Supported Products and uses the Buy It Installed® Button, Buy It Installed® UPC, or other entry point to our Installed-Sales EcoSystem in connection with its sale of Supported Products.


Artificial Empathy: At the heart of our Installed-Sales EcoSystem is a proprietary form of artificial intelligence. We are leaders in developing this technology which can accurately and appropriately detect and respond to human emotions. By enabling ISE Components with Artificial Empathy, we can anticipate where problems might occur, fix them ahead of time, and ensure that the People Groups touched by us remain exceptionally satisfied with their experiences.


Autoclosed Workorder: Purchases which are generated, received, Autosourced to a Technician, coordinated, and the On-Site Service and Closing Events occur, including payment of the Technician, all with total Automation.


Automation: The completion of tasks and events in our Installed-Sales EcoSystem with no use of manual processes, such as via a typed email, individual-initiated phone call, or any other manual means.


Autosourced Workorder: Workorders which are received, sourced, designated to, and accepted by a Technician all with total Automation.


Buy It Installed®: The brand which is an entry point to our Installed-Sales EcoSystem and provides a Consumer the option to purchase any Supported Product with On-Site Services.


Buy It Installed® Barcode: This is one of our in-store conversion tool entry points to our Installed-Sales EcoSystem that creates a seamless checkout process for Consumers, where they can purchase Supported Products with On-Site Services, through a barcode scanned in-store by a store employee.


Buy It Installed® Button: This is our e-commerce conversion tool entry point to our Installed-Sales EcoSystem that creates a seamless checkout process for Consumers, where they can purchase Supported Products with On-Site Services, through a Retailer’s e-commerce site, with a single click of the Buy It Installed® icon.


Bestek: This is the trade name and registered “doing business as” alias for one brand of ISRD Systems, LLC.


Buy It Installed® UPC: This is our universal product code (UPC) entry point to our Installed-Sales EcoSystem that creates a seamless checkout process for Consumers, where they can purchase Supported Products with On-Site Services through a universal product code on or with the Supported Product.


Certification Program: This is the program we create, with content and scope approved by the seller of the Supported Products to qualify and educate our Technician about the Supported Products, and the brand selling the Supported Products. It typically includes a series of videos and a certification quiz.


Client: The business that contracts with Buy It Installed, Inc. to use our Installed-Sales EcoSystem to sell Supported Products while providing Consumers the option to purchase On-Site Services online and in retail stores; this is typically the Retailer.


Closing Events: These are the events that occur upon completion of a Workorder. It includes finalization of the Sign-Off Sheet, release of funds to the Technician, and delivery of the Consumer satisfaction survey to the Consumer.


Completion: This occurs after (1) the Technician provides the entire Scope-of-Work purchased by the Consumer, and (2) the Consumer completes the Sign-Off Sheet.


Complex, Large-Scale, Socio-Technical System: This is an engineered system with strongly interwoven technical systems and social players within a dynamic environmental context that influences both social and technical spheres. Examples include our Installed-Sales EcoSystem, online social networks, air and maritime traffic control systems, urban transportation systems, net-centric warfare systems and humanitarian disaster relief supply chains.


Confidential Information: Anything received from use of our Installed-Sales EcoSystem that is not generally known to the public, such as data of any vendors and suppliers, Eligible Product and roadmap information, pricing, marketing incentives and plans, Consumer and supplier data, financial and technical information, and other business information including, but not limited to, business processes, strategies, information related to our Buy It Installed® Button and Buy It Installed® UPC, Product, and all non-public data contained in our Installed-Sales EcoSystem, whether such information is in written, oral, electronic, website-based, or other form.


Consumer: This is the independent buyer of On-Site Services or the independent person or business which uses our Installed-Sales EcoSystem to purchase On-Site Services with a Supported Product(s), and it is usually the person or business which has purchased one or more Supported Product(s) from a Retailer.


Technician: This is the independent third party that is a contractor, service provider, technician, home improvement industry professional, prime technician and/or subcontractor who provides On-Site Services directly to the Consumer.


Bestek: This is the trade name and registered “doing business as” alias for the ISRD Systems, LLC, Inc. business unit that serves the Technician network.


Bestek®: This is the brand for our network created by Technician for Craftsmen; member Technician receive Workorders from Consumers to complete On-Site Services.


Bestek® App: This is the mobile application that provides Technician a way to register, interact, receive payments, Workorders, confirm Completion of Workorders, and more with Bestek®.


Bestek® Technology: This includes the Bestek® App, the Bestek® website and related tools that allow Technician to request, receive and complete Workorders for Consumers.


Developments: These are any suggestions, comments, ideas, improvements and/or works of authorship and/or product and service designs, or other feedback or materials provided to us in connection with or related to our Installed-Sales EcoSystem or other products or services.


Distribution Channel: This is the route a Supported Product takes through the supply chain, from Manufacturer to Consumer, and through intermediaries such as Distributors, Shipping Companies, Retailers, and marketplaces.


Distributor: This is a member of our Installed-Sales EcoSystem who is involved in the sale of Supported Products, usually from numerous Manufacturers to another business, typically a Retailer.


Division of Liability Policy: This matrix governs all repairs, returns, errors, consumer inconvenience and general loss events that arise over the course of a Workorder, and it allocates fault and liability to resolve these events in a fair and expeditious manner. It can be located at


Eligible Products: These are all tangible goods and/or merchandise sold by a Retailer or other People Group in any online, physical or other location which may receive some form of On-Site Service by a Technician prior to becoming useable by a Consumer.


Empathy: This refers to a person’s ability to sense and feel what others are feeling. It differs from Behavior in that Behavior refers to a person’s activity, which is observable, while empathy refers to a person’s inner emotions, which are not observable. People with an extremely high capacity for empathy are called “empaths.” Many scientists believe this ability is evolutionary and driven by the development of the brain’s mirror-neurons.


In-Scope Work: The On-Site Service as described and sold to the Consumer in connection with the purchase of the Supported Product, which may include but is not limited to: installation, assembly, measuring, set-up, unpacking, haul-away, inspection, repair, replacement, or other type of personal service delivered at an On-Site Service Location.


Installed-Sales: This refers to the economic activity in which a Consumer purchases an Eligible Product along with On-Site Services, either from us or a third-party. For example, this includes: purchasing a new carpet for a home or office and also purchasing carpet installation services; purchasing a new playset and also purchasing professional assembly of the playset; purchasing a large piece of artwork and also purchasing a hanging service for the artwork; purchasing a commercial grade ice-machine for a restaurant and also purchasing installation of the ice machine.


Installed-Sales EcoSystem (ISE): The proprietary complex sociotechnical system architecture we have engineered which facilitates the purchase, sale and provision of On-Site Services to Consumers. This includes fifteen (15) ISE Component Sets with more than 4,500 ISE Components. It links the Supported Product supply chain to the service supply chain and seamlessly integrates all People Groups in the process, removing friction and facilitating seamless, pain-free On-Site Service experiences. It allows Consumers to purchase a Supported Product and On-Site Service from a certified Technician in a single step, and it monitors and optimizes the quality of and satisfaction with the On-Site Service.


Installed-Sales Industry: This refers to all business engaged in the economic activity of selling installation services that are associated with the purchase of any Eligible Product. For example, this includes: ecommerce retailers of home décor that offer installation of the décor, such as Wayfair; and home improvement mass retailers that offer installation of the Eligible Products they sell, such as Home Depot.


ISE Component Sets: These are fifteen (15) distinct feature groups included in the architecture of our Installed-Sales EcoSystem; each feature set consists of ISE Components (i.e., registration Components, Workorder Components, professional services, etc.).


ISE Components: These are a wide variety of more than 4,500 assets that make up our Installed-Sales EcoSystem; by way of example, our Buy It Installed® and Bestek® brands are two (2) separate ISE Components.


KPIs: Key performance indicators of our Installed-Sales EcoSystem, which track and measure the operation of our Installed-Sales EcoSystem. KPIs are categorized in two (2) levels. Level 1 KPIs have a critical business impact on the quality of our performance, and Level 2 KPIs have a significant business impact on the quality of our performance.


KPI Information: This is the information we need and collect to measure KPIs.


Manufacturer: This is the People Group whose Supported Products that it produces itself are sold to Consumers, typically through Distributors or Retailers, while providing Consumers the option to purchase On-Site Services.


Nominee Recipient: A person or entity who holds money attributable to the accounts of others. Buy It Installed, Inc. can act as a Nominee Recipient of funds for Craftsmen.


On-Site Service: The various types of services provided in connection with the purchase of Supported Products which may include but are not limited to: installation, assembly, measuring, set-up, unpacking, haul-away, inspection, repair, replacement, in-home sales or other type of personal service delivered at a Consumer’s location.


On-Site Service Commission: The commission charged by Buy It Installed, Inc. to Technician for Workorders that are facilitated through our Installed-Sales EcoSystem.


On-Site Service Fee: The amount charged to the Consumer by the Technician for the provisioning of an On-Site Service.


On-Site Service Location: The physical location at which the On-Site Service is scheduled and provided by the Technician to the Consumer.


On-Site Service Transaction: The transaction related to the purchase and sale of an On-Site Service which typically occurs at a Retailer and is initiated by the Consumer. The On-Site Service Transaction is used to provide the information to us that we use to create a Workorder for a Technician to provide an On-Site Service to a Consumer. The On-Site Service Transaction is completed when the Workorder is created.


Our Intellectual Property: This means any and all intellectual property or proprietary rights under any jurisdiction including without limitation (i) Our Marks, and all goodwill associated with them and symbolized by them; (ii) inventions, discoveries and ideas, whether patentable or not, and all patents, registrations, and applications of them; (iii) published and unpublished works of authorship, whether copyrightable or not (including without limitation databases and other compilations of information), copyrights in them and to them, and registrations and applications of them; (iv) trade secrets,(v) all moral rights in the foregoing (that is, the right to claim authorship of or object to the modification of any work); and (vi) all applications, renewals, extensions, restorations and reinstatements of the foregoing.


Our Mark(s): This means the trademarks including registered and common law trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos, domain names and designations of ISRD Systems, LLC, Bestek.


Out-of-Scope Work: Required services that are discovered at an On-Site Service Location which must be first completed prior to being able to complete the On-Site Service.


People Group: This refers to one or more businesses or individuals who have agreed to the Universal Terms and Conditions at or otherwise have an Agreement with us to use our Installed-Sales EcoSystem. It may include, but is not limited to, Buy It Installed, Inc., the Consumer, Retailer, Distributor, Manufacturer, Shipping Company and/or Technician depending on its context.


Primary Technician: This is a designation which Technician can make for themselves when they register with Bestek® to receive the largest percentage of Workorders for the geographic area where they elect to provide On-Site Services.


Privacy Policy: The policy which addresses how we gather, store, use and protect personal data. Our Privacy Policy can be reviewed at


Products: Depending on the context, this refers to one or a combination of Supported Products and/or Eligible Products.


Profile: This is the set of personal data that we store concerning Technician which commonly includes their name, address and email. We respect the confidentiality of personal data, and we have an established Privacy Policy at


PSKU: This is the online product stock keeping unit which describes a specific Supported Product to a Consumer and which a Consumer can “Add to Cart” to purchase the Supported Product.


: Our artificial intelligence solution which can resolve Workorders that involve any repairs, errors, consumer inconvenience and loss. Additionally, it manages both in-warranty and out-of-warranty service calls. It can identify, code and resolve most Workorders with total Automation.


Workorders: These are Workorders that are coded to identify repairs, errors, consumer inconvenience, and general loss per our Division of Liability Policy at


Retailer: This is the business that uses our Installed-Sales EcoSystem to sell Supported Products from Manufacturers and Distributors to Consumers, while providing Consumers the option to purchase On-Site Services.


Scope of Work: This is the specific service(s) purchased by the Consumer, including In-Scope Work and Out-of-Scope Work, which may include but is not limited to: installation, assembly, measuring, set-up, unpacking, haul-away, inspection, repair, replacement, in-home sales or other type of personal service delivered at a Consumer’s location. It includes all In-Scope Work and Out-of-Scope Work.


Service Tax: This is a sales or other tax levied by the government on service providers, such as Craftsmen, on certain service transactions, such as On-Site Service Transactions, that is paid by Consumers.


ISRD Systems, LLC: This is the corporate name for our business, and it includes all officers, directors, parent, subsidiaries, employees, agents, affiliates, consultants, and sub-contractors as applicable; the doing business as name of ISRD Systems, LLC is Bestek.


Shipping Company: This is a People Group in our Installed-Sales EcoSystem which is responsible for delivering Supported Products to On-Site Service Locations and which provides information to us, which we provide to the Technician, such that the On-Site Service can be scheduled contemporaneous with the delivery of the Supported Product.


Sign-Off Sheet: This is the Technician-facing form completed by the Consumer and Technician upon the satisfactory conclusion of the provision of an On-Site Service. The Consumer refers to this as the On-Site Service Completion Form.


SSKU: This is the online service stock keeping unit which is mapped to a PSKU and which describes the specific In-Scope Work which can be purchased by the Consumer in connection with the Supported Product on the PSKU. By clicking the Buy It Installed® Button, the Consumer can add the PSKU and this SSKU to their cart.


Supported Products: This is the subcategory of Eligible Products on which a Consumer can elect to purchase an On-Site Service through an entry-point to our Installed-Sales EcoSystem either online and/or in-store.


Supported Products’ Revenue: This is the revenue that People Groups, typically the Retailer, receive from the sale of all Supported Products, irrespective of whether they are purchased with or without On-Site Services.


Technology Industry: This is a category for businesses focused primarily on the development and manufacturing of technology or providing technology as a service. We provide technology as a service, through our Installed-Sales EcoSystem, which is a Complex, Large-Scale, Socio-Technical System architected and engineered by us and powered with Artificial Empathy. We license our Installed-Sales EcoSystem to the Installed-Sales Industry.


Total Happiness Guarantee: This is our guarantee to Consumers ensuring their total happiness with the performance and quality of their On-Site Services. The full terms and conditions can be found at


Trademark Guide: These are our guidelines regarding use of Our Marks as applicable to our employees, Consumers, Craftsmen, Retailers, Manufacturers, consultants, outside vendors, and other third parties who have been given written authorization to use Our Marks by us.


Universal Terms and Conditions (UTC): These are our terms and conditions that serve as a binding contract between ISRD Systems, LLC and other businesses or individuals who agree to them to use our Installed-Sales EcoSystem, including Retailers, Consumers, Distributers, Manufacturers and Craftsmen; this is available at


vCloud: This is our web-based software which we have developed to Autosource Workorders and Autoclose Workorders so that our Installed-Sales EcoSystem can operate with total Automation. It can manage all events associated with a Workorder from creation to Completion, including all Closing Events, with total Automation.


Workorder: This is a task or a job initiated by a Consumer through our Installed-Sales EcoSystem that is scheduled and designated to a Technician. It is created upon the completion of the On-Site Service Transaction.


Your Marks: This means the trademarks including registered and common law trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos, domain names and designations of you, another People Group in our Installed-Sales EcoSystem.


Zero Day Fund Release: When Consumers purchase On-Site Services, the On-Site Service Fee is collected by Bestek and then held in a trust account until the On-Site Service has been completed. Upon Completion of the On-Site Service, Bestek should release Technician funds via ACH or PayPal prior to the close of the next business day.




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