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When you purchase an item with Buy It Installed, Inc. (“we” “us” and “our”), your total happiness with your On-Site Service and the quality of your On-Site Service is extremely important to us. For this reason, we created our Buy It Installed, Inc. Total Happiness Guarantee (“Total Happiness Guarantee”).

Incorporated by reference are our Definitions available at Please refer to these Definitions to locate the meaning of any capitalized terms in this guarantee.

Each purchase completed with Buy It Installed, Inc. is backed by our Total Happiness Guarantee.

If you are unhappy with your On-Site Service for any reason, we want to hear from you. Our Total Happiness Guarantee* is available if any of these apply to you:
1. If you are not satisfied with the Craftsman’s work or the quality or service provided by the Craftsman.
2. If the On-Site Service was not completed as indicated in the Scope of Work you purchased from the Craftsman.
3. If your Product or property was damaged as a result of the On-Site Service.

How to Request our Total Happiness Guarantee

We ask that you first let the Craftsman know that you are unhappy with a part of your On-Site Service. If the Craftsman does not fix the problem for you, then you can file a request under our Total Happiness Guarantee by filling out our Total Happiness Guarantee Request Form. We will do one or more of the following:

1. Correct the issue. We will either have the Craftsman correct the issue, or we will reschedule your appointment with another Craftsman to correct the issue for you at no cost to you.
2. Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee: We will refund the cost of your On-Site Service.
3. We will assist you in filing a claim against the Craftsman’s insurance.

*Pre-Requisites, Restrictions & Limitations

The following are necessary conditions for our Total Happiness Guarantee to apply:

  • Consumers must first make a good faith attempt to resolve any issue with the Craftsman.
  • The On-Site Service must be completed within thirty (30) days of the filing date of your Total Happiness Guarantee Request Form with us.
  • The On-Site Service must have been purchased through us, and you must have agreed to the our Universal Terms and Conditions at the time of purchase.
  • The On-Site Service must comply with our Universal Terms and Conditions.
  • The On-Site Service must be within the Scope of Work purchased from the Craftsman through us, excluding any Out-of-Scope Work purchased through us from the Craftsman if required to complete your On-Site Service. Our Total Happiness Guarantee does not apply to Out-of-Scope Work that you may purchase from the Craftsman through us.
  • An authorized person, over the age of 18, must have been present during the entire On-Site Service.
  • All fields must be completed on the Total Happiness Guarantee Request Form.

  • Our Total Happiness Guarantee does not cover the following:

  • Claims that result from prior work not related to On-Site Services.
  • Claims that result from work outside the Scope of Work purchased by the Consumer. The Scope of Work purchased by the Consumer is defined for the Consumer at the time of purchase and can be found online or in-store at the location of purchase with the Product.
  • Claims associated with a loss unrelated to an On-Site Service, such as for acts of terrorism, pollution, hazardous materials, normal wear and tear, pre-existing conditions, etc.
  • Unforeseeable or latent defects at the On-Site Service Location.
  • Product claims, or claims that result from the Product, improper use of the Product, or Product defects. (Product claims should be discussed with the Retailer from whom you purchased the Product or with the Manufacturer.)
  • Delivery claims or damage caused by delivery.
  • Claims related to services or products (or uses thereof) that violate the law.
  • Claims related to permits or acquiring permits.


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